At Carbon Performance in The Nations in Nashville, Tennessee, we provide tailored gym memberships that elevate your fitness journey. Our facility offers fully equipped locker rooms, complimentary group classes, and a free session of both Carbon Edge and personal training, ensuring you have all the tools to succeed. Join our dynamic community in The Nations and begin achieving your health and fitness goals.

For more details on our membership options and benefits, visit our membership page.

5300 Centennial Blvd
Nashville, TN 37209

Mon – Fri: 5:00AM – 10:00PM
Sat – Sun: 6:00AM – 8:00PM



  • State of the art equipment from leading manufacturers.

  • Personal training with a supplement and nutrition program.

  • Fitness classes like HIIT, yoga, and Pilates.

  • Smoothie bar with macro focused add-ins and pre-workout options.

  • Locker rooms that feature a 360-degree posing room.

  • Sleek bathrooms fully serviced with toiletries and towels.

  • Retail shop for the latest apparel drops and high quality supplements.

  • A Recovery Lounge designed to enhance your post-workout recovery process.

    • Cold Plunges
    • Personal Infrared Saunas
    • Normatec Boots


Karli Williams

I received my NASM CPT in 2021 and have been personal training since then. I received my NASM Nutrition certification shortly after that and most recently have acquired my pre and post natal fitness certification. I am currently a registered nurse as well. I love working with clients looking to find a fitness and nutrition routine that’s sustainable for their lifestyle. I am a big believer that one size doesn’t fit all for training or nutrition and tailoring it to you, your lifestyle and your goals is the key to success.

Fun facts about me: I live downtown with my husband and our two dogs. I’m originally from Maryland so I thrive on seafood. I’m a huge bookworm and if I’m not at the gym, you can usually find me somewhere nose deep in a novel.

Sophie Strickland

Sophia is a NASM certified personal trainer born and raised in Franklin, TN. She has been working in the fitness industry since 2019 and has a passion for helping clients achieve their health goals. Her primary focuses include weight loss, women seeking to gain muscle mass, and those new to fitness who want to gain confidence in the gym!

Sophia was an ultramarathon runner and now competes in bodybuilding. She uses her diverse athletic background to help clients attain their desired results. So, whether you are looking to lose weight, build muscle, or improve athleticism, Sophia can help get you there!

Macy Baker

Originally from Lexington, KY, Macy has worked in fitness for over 5 years. Growing up as a gymnast, cheerleader, and diver, sports and athletics are foundational in Macy’s passion for personal fitness.

Macy’s firsthand experience in holistic health, and hormone imbalance has led her on a journey to help others use exercise and nutrition to solve lifelong health challenges. She uses a comprehensive approach not just to help you reach your goals, but sustain them for life!

Ryan Shreeve

Nathan Neal

Nathan is a Nashville native who has worked in the fitness industry for 8 years. As a former college baseball player, he understands and teaches the importance of human performance and development. Nathan’s primary objective is to supply his clients with fitness knowledge in order for them to accomplish self-sustaining, lifelong goals. He understands that working towards a big goal requires mental strength, discipline, and accountability.

Nathan received his CPT and Sports Nutrition Certification from NASM in 2016. He has a background in Strength and Conditioning, Corrective Exercise, Weight Loss, Sports Performance, and Nutrition. His passion is to invest in those who invest in themselves.
Let’s work together!

Silas Langford

Silas is a NASM certified personal trainer with more than 10 years of experience. A natural classic physique bodybuilding competitor and prep coach, Silas specializes in helping clients lose fat and build muscle safely and optimally using evidence based practices. Through co-founding a movement studio and having a background in athletics, Silas has experience with a variety of fitness modalities which he uses to help clients reach their goals in whatever way is best suited to their specific needs.

Currently studying to become a practicing psychotherapist, Silas naturally places a great deal of importance on unifying mental and physical health. His goal is always to ensure his clients feel well supported and empowered to take on any challenge both inside and outside of the gym.

When not in the gym, you can usually find Silas hitting baseballs for his dog Franco, in a coffee shop or on a tennis court around Nashville!

Johnathon Wyatt

 I hold a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science with double minors in Strength and Conditioning and Sports Medicine from Belmont University. Additionally, I have a Master of Science in Strength and Conditioning and Biochemical Nutrition from Lipscomb University and a Master of Science in Biomedical Science from Meharry Medical College.

With extensive experience working with athletes from high school to the NBA, I am dedicated to helping clients achieve their fitness goals through personalized training programs. My educational background and hands-on experience equip me to provide top-tier training and support to athletes at all levels.